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Current DM: David

Rotating DMs: Billy, Kyle, David

Players: Billy, Kyle, Joey, Courtney, David, Matt, Robby


Valren: Spellbook
Malaramil: Spellbook

Custom Races – Beastfolk: Completed
Custom Races – Genasi: Completed
Races – Classic: Partial
Classes – Fighter: To Be Edited
Classes – Rogue: To Be Edited
Classes – Priest: Partial
Classes – Wizard: Partial
Pantheon – Primal Gods: Completed
Pantheon – Pantheonic Gods: Completed

Here’s the rules for rolling stats.

Current Characters:
Hawkfolk Ranger – Talus – Played by Matt.
Ravenfolk Silvertongue – Tien – Played by Robby.
Fire Genasi Paladin – Ballade – Played by Joey.
Elven Spellsage – Malaramil – Played by Kyle.
Ravenfolk Druid – Fladien Arud – Played by Billy.
Water Genasi Priest – Vanas “Wren” – Played by David.

Note: For the normal races, their subraces, and normal classes, you can find their descriptions in the PHB, or the books devoted to their respective races/classes. I’ll get the info up there when I can, but I’m going to do the custom stuff first.


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