Stat Rules

Alright. So here’s my rules on stats for non-beginner games.

You are rolling for 7 stats. They are as follows:

Strength | Dexterity | Constitution | Comeliness
Intelligence | Wisdom | Charisma

Strength: One’s physical strength.
Dexterity: One’s physical quickness, deftness, and agility.
Constitution: How sturdy one’s body is built. How much damage it can endure.
Intellect: How intelligent one is, how well information is analyzed and retained.
Wisdom: How well one is able to apply one’s intelligence practically. Common sense.
Charisma: How charismatic one is, how likeable, how personable.
Comeliness: One’s physical beauty. How attractive one appears to others.

To determine your stats, roll 4d6 fourteen times.
Discard the lowest die of each roll.
Total up the remaining three dice on each roll.
You will end up with fourteen numbers. Higher is better.
Assign seven numbers, of the ones rolled, to your stats.

Note: As DM, I will allow a single 18, a single 17, and two 16s per character, if they are legitimately rolled. I will allow players to roll unwitnessed first.
If everyone, or even most people, end up rolling incredibly high stats, I will have everyone reroll in front of me.

Note: Racial bonuses will not raise a stat to 19. Nor do they supersede the stat limits mentioned above.

Stats cannot be raised to 19 by any means before level 5. Nor can they hit 20 before level 9, or 21 before level 15. 22 can be hit at level 18. Higher than 22 is only available to characters above 20.

Stat Rules

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